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If you want to obtain citizenship through the Australian citizenship website, you need to enable the cookies available on If you click on a link, you may get an indication that the cookies have been disabled. If this is the case, you should selected the link and look for more details. Different browsers will have different links for setting your cookie preferences which may vary from Mozilla to Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and so on.

What is a Cookie?

Websites are stored in servers which also send minute data pockets which are called cookies to your computer on a temporary basis when you go on to your website. Cookies help a web browser to recall the links which get pulled out from the browsing history of your computer. This helps us to understand your preferences in for example, your shopping cart. Cookies are temporary files but are required if you are doing business with us. Each cookie contains the address of the server which sent the cookie. The server will also compute the duration of storage of the cookie on your computer which is in the form of a randomly-generated number.

Can Cookies be disabled?

Yes, cookies can be disabled by altering the settings on your computer. Some browsers have a preferential blocking of cookies for instance, some may only allow third-party cookies to be blocked as those placed by an advertisement agency. However, it should be kept in mind that these cookies are essential for proper navigation and if disabled can result in your browsing experience being adversely affected.

Classification of Cookies

  • Cookies that are Absolutely Necessary:

    These cookies activate the services requested by you. They are considered mandatory and do not rely on your consent. It is essential for this type of cookie for navigation through the website and neither your shopping cart nor your e-billing can be processed in the absence of these cookies.
  • Cookies based on Performance:

    This sort of cookie collects the assorted information from the browsing history of your computer. When you use our website you also give us permission to place cookies on your system. These cookies collect usage details of each visitor to our websites. If for example, when some pages are being browsed and error messages are generated, these are also recorded by the cookies. The cookies do not collect personal information. The cookies collect anonymous information which helps to improve the way the website works.
  • Functionality Cookies:

    This kind of cookie collects information related to previous choices you made with an intention of improving your browsing experience. You also permit us to place these cookies on your computer when you use our website. The information gathered by functionality cookies is related to language, location or user name. This will help us provide you with improved and personalized features. These cookies are also sensitive to changes you may make to the formatting such as text- related variables like text size, font, and text color and text style. They will also record the services which you subscribe to like comments to videos or blogs. The information gathered by this type of cookie is anonymous and so there is no tracking of your activities on other websites.
  • Targeting or Advertising Cookies:

    This category of cookie collects information linked to your browsing preferences in order to understand your interests so that you receive advertising in line with those interests. Not only do these cookies ensure that you receive relevant advertisements but they also provide information to us so that we can gauge how effective our campaigns are. Such cookies are placed on the site by advertising networks with our consent. They will collect data about the websites you visit and give this information to external advertisers. These cookies are commonly linked to the functionality of sites made accessible by other agencies.


If you visit any other website, you would probably encounter some advertisement which has some relation with respect to searches done by you previously. In marketing language, such a procedure is known as behavioral or contextual targeting. The data concerned with your shopping habits is derived from the cookies placed on your browser. You should not confuse this data as being taken from your personal database. These cookies will only collect data related to websites. Some browsers will allow you to block these third party cookies. You can also adjust your privacy settings and see the cookies which have been stored by checking your computer’s internet settings. You can set your preferences to block or allow messages and also to get prompt messages for these cookies.

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