Dual Citizenship in Australia


Most of the Australian citizens are migrants from other countries and hold the multiple or dual citizenship as per the rules and regulations of the two countries. Australia allows its citizen to possess dual citizenship under many circumstances such as by birth or descent from their parents or grandparents, naturalization or through marriage etc. If a person holding dual citizenship travels outside the country he/she may have to face certain implications of other nationality like liability for military service and prosecution for offences committed under the laws of other country and more

New Changes in The Australia Citizenship Laws:

Prior to 4 April 2002, citizens of Australia who acquired another country citizenship would automatically lose their Australian citizenship as the country doesn’t support dual citizenship unless the following conditions are met:

  • People born in Australia who have acquired automatically another country’s citizenship at birth.
  • Children born to the Australian parents outside the country acquire the citizenship of both Australia and their country of birth by descent.
  • Individuals migrating to Australia by naturalization under the condition that their former country did not revoke their citizenship.

With effect from 4 April 2002, the new Australian law removed the restrictions on Australians having dual citizenship of another country and made these laws very flexible by encouraging the people to hold two nationalities.

Travel Restrictions for Australian Citizens:

Any person with two nationalities is allowed to hold valid passports of both the countries for travel purposes provided those countries allow the dual citizenship for citizens. Similarly, if Australian citizens with dual citizenship plan to travel, then they are supposed to enter and depart Australia with Australian passport only whereas other current passports can be used if necessary while travelling outside the country. It is always better to check the embassy or consulate of other country for updated travel information and rules and regulations before planning the trip.


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