Benefits of Becoming Australian Permanent Resident

Australia is a promised land to millions of potential immigrants the world over. Australia offers a great quality of life with several lifelong benefits. Fantastic opportunities present themselves and if a person is young and ready to make a go for it, they may experience the quality of life that is rarely found in any other country in the world. However, it has been observed that even a person who has a permanent Australian citizenship, if asked, will initially find it difficult to specify these benefits in a point-wise fashion. Here we take a look at some of the benefits of becoming an Australian Permanent Resident.

Freedom of Travel

Once you become an Australian Permanent Resident, you will have the freedom to travel in and out of Australia for the duration of your visa which is normally five years. If your visa expires, you will still be eligible to stay in the country but will not be able to leave Australia without a Resident Return Visa. You are also permitted to freely enter and leave New Zealand.

Freedom to Work

If you have an Australian Permanent Resident Visa you can be employed in any industry except the defence sector and the Australian Public Service, as well as jobs where you have to have an employer sponsorship visa.

Health and Social Welfare Benefits

You are eligible for Medicare which is a comprehensive coverage which covers all the possible aspects of healthcare possible. You will also qualify for cheaper health insurance. Once you are an Australian Permanent Resident, you will also be entitled to use Centrelink which is a master program of the Department of Human Services run by the government of Australia which is dedicated to social security payment disbursement. The social security benefits given out by this department extends to students, families, retirees, unemployed, parents and people with disabilities.


Permanent Resident visa holders enjoy the same status as regular Australian citizens for education. One of the major benefits is that when you are an Australian Permanent Resident, you are eligible for free primary and secondary education if you study in a government school. For those paying fees to private institutions, the same rates will apply as to permanent, native citizens of Australia.

Citizenship Rules

There is a set of requirements to be met for getting a permanent citizenship in Australia, which is the ultimate permanency that an individual can hope to achieve. This status can only be granted to one who is an Australian Permanent Resident.

Any child who is born in Australia will become an Australian citizen automatically by birth.

Property Rules

For the purchase of a first home, an Australian Permanent citizen will receive a $7,000 incentive and waiver of stamp duty. Furthermore, the restrictions of the Foreign Investment Review Board imposed on purchase of residential property no longer apply (you are now no longer officially considered a foreigner).

Credit Rating

Once you become Australian Permanent Resident, your credit rating immediately goes up. You will be in a better position for approval of home loans, car loans, personal loans, credit cards and so on.


These are just a few of the major benefits you will experience once you are granted the status of Australian Permanent Resident. However, this status is not always easy to achieve and it could take years to get it but with these ultimate benefits in mind, many people are ready to give what it takes for achieving the final goal.


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