Transiting Through Australia

Even if you are just transiting through Australia, you still need a visa. This visa is known as a Transit Visa which has validity of 72 hours. If you are present in Australia for more than 72 hours, then your transit visa will expire and you need to apply for a different type of visa. There are a variety of different transit visa options available to a person transiting through Australia which is discussed in this section.

Transiting without a Visa

Citizens of certain countries do not need a visa while transiting through Australia. Therefore, you would do well to find out if your country of origin has that status. On the other hand, if you are not entitled to such an exemption, you must apply for a transit visa which is free of cost.

Transiting through Australia without a visa does not apply to refugees or stateless persons.

Conditions for Transiting through Australia without a Visa

  • The traveler should leave Australia by air inside of eight hours of their arrival in the country
  • They should have the documentation as well as onward booking to show that they are indeed just passing through
  • Transit passengers are required to stay in the transit lounge of the airport at which they have just landed

With these above points in mind, if a person is changing airlines, it would be a good idea to consult their airlines to confirm if a recheck of their luggage would be required while transiting through Australia. If it is required, then a visa will also be required for the purpose of rechecking the luggage before leaving.

Inbound Transit Requirements for Traveling through Australia

Passengers who transit through Australia will receive a re-screening at the airport through which they are transiting through just prior to re-boarding the plane and leaving the country.

There are very stringent rules regarding carrying aerosols, gels and liquids. Latest technology is used to screen these items and if any are found not meeting the requirements, they will be confiscated and not allowed on the flight.

It sometimes happens that a passenger is not aware that they will be transiting through Australia. It is the responsibility of the traveler to find out these basic facts and if they break the rules out of ignorance, they are still held responsible. Therefore, these are the facts that should be ascertained by a person who is about to travel. It is a good practice to find out about the travel itinerary wherever the journey is headed.


If you are planning an international trip and it is likely that you are going to be transiting through Australia, you should make sure about the necessity of a transit visa. It may so happen that your country of origin does not require a transit visa.

However, if your country does not exempt you from requiring a visa, then it is important to find out the duration of your stay in Australia. If it is going to be less than 72 hours, you can apply for an Australian Transit Visa. Being aware of this entire well in advance and making adequate arrangements will go a long way in giving you a hassle-free and smooth journey through Australia.


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