Becoming Australian Permanent Resident


Becoming Australian permanent resident entitles you to several benefits. Australia is a beautiful country with strong economic status. These qualities make this country a lucrative option for many around the world to relocate and seek permanent residency. Especially, it is a dream for many non-resident and resident immigrants in the country, as permanent residency has special benefits. As a resident, you may not be a citizen of the country but you can stay there ‘permanently’.

Advantages of Becoming Australian Permanent Resident

  • As the name suggests, you can life indefinitely in Australia.
  • You are not restricted to travel in and around or even outside the country.
  • You get the liberty to do the University course of your choosing.
  • As a permanent resident, you even get educational loans specially set for permanent residents.
  • The best aspect about becoming Australian permanent resident is that you are allowed to work in an occupation of your choice for an employer of your choice (except Armed Forces and Public Services).
  • Two years after becoming Australian permanent resident, you would be able to enjoy the benefits of social security such as unemployment, student and sickness benefits.
  • You can enjoy the Medicare benefits, i.e., the government sponsored health care/insurance scheme, which gets you free public hospital treatment and subsidized medication.
  • If you meet the support and residence criteria, you can sponsor your relatives for their permanent residence.
  • When you qualify, you can even apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Your child born in Australia will be qualified for Australian citizenship automatically by birth.
  • You are allowed to travel to NZ and even apply for NZ visa.

Becoming Australian permanent resident is several steps closer to becoming an Australian citizen. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship oversees the Australian permanent residency processing. Initially, PR is granted as a visa for five years. Before the expiry of the visa, you can renew it permanently.


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