Life in Australia


Australia – A Great Place to Live & Settle with Families

Settling in Australia as an immigrant or a refugee or humanitarian entrant and having settlement or establishing yourself in the new country requires lot of patience and adjustments. It may take one or two years for some people while others need more number of years to get adjusted and have better life in Australia. In terms of quality of life and work prospects Australia is said to be one of the best places to live with better opportunities for jobs as well as higher education. With so many outstanding beaches, great weather, co-operative and friendly people and interesting regional areas life in Australia is really splendid and fabulous for all people from different countries and communities.

Settlement in Australia:

  • If you have recently moved as a immigrant and wish to start a new life in Australia, then there are certain things that are very important and should be taken care of immediately after entering into the country like applying for Tax file number, get registered with Medicare, open bank account, register for English classes and Center-link (Government agency), enroll children in school, get drivers license etc.
  • In case of migrants with sponsorship the necessary financial and accommodation help is provided by the sponsor for the first two years and they need to wait for two years for enjoying the benefits of social security.
  • Australia is a great place with many job openings and flexible education system that offers many opportunities for all age groups and different levels of ability. Whether you are a skilled worker or a student seeking higher education, life in Australia is always encouraging with wide range of prospects to achieve lifetime goals.
  • Life in Australia is unique with many cultural diversities, social harmony and helping communities that provide a friendly environment to all the individuals living there. It provides equal scope for all people to work towards the spirit of inclusiveness and a shared identity as Australians.


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